The Treasure Shop

“The Treasure Shop” is very close to the round-a-bout at the main entrance to the village of Upwey at 6 Main Street Upwey.

To contact the Treasure Shop please leave a message with:

Jenny Stevens – 0417 771 767‬
or Lorraine Morgan – 0416 149 731


You can find us on Facebook here

The Treasure shop is, as the name suggests, a little shop of treasures. It’s an Op Shop of the old sort where you can buy pre-loved goods with pocket change. Fancy a feather boa or a jar of Brian’s Preserves? You can pick up the odd vinyl for your collection or rummage through shelves of books others have already enjoyed. Knitting supplies, clothing, toys, home-wares and so on are donated by the local community and the proceeds from the sales are donated to various charities and services.

Originally opening in 1995 just around the corner in Morris Road, the Treasure Shop moved to Main Street in 2018. The Treasure Shop has a wide range of goods arranged throughout the store which is staffed by volunteers from the local community.

Clothing is a main stay of Op Shops and the Treasure Shop has a wide range of women’s and men’s clothing





There is a range of footwear, from fashion shoes for ladies through children’s shoes to men’s work boots. Stock changes regularly, so if you can’t find what you want today, try again next week.




Looking for something to read? Maybe a spy novel or something to read to the children of an evening. Have a rustle through the collection and see what ‘treasures’ you can find.



Looking for something retro? Or maybe a nic-nac as a novelty birthday gift. Surprise your loved one with a gift that no-one else would ever think of. The Op Shop has many trinkets from by gone eras as well as more recent trinkets. You never know what you might find.



Come in and browse around. That is the fun of Op Shopping – finding the rare and valuable through to the novelty and ‘weird’ but all at absolutely great prices.





Follow this link for some history of the Treasure Shop.