Wominjeka. Welcome. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. We also acknowledge our gratitude that we share this land, our sorrow for some of the costs of that sharing and our collective hope and belief that we can move to a place of equity, justice and partnership together.

We are located in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges in the village of Tecoma. We are an inclusive Church committed to serving our local community.

You’re welcome to have a look around our website or come and visit us.

THIS SUNDAY – 25th September


We are looking at the Seasons of Creation for the month of September.  A colourful, interactive and reflective experience. September at TUC will be about celebrating the beauty and wonder of the natural world all that it offers. It is also a chance to reflect on our relationship to it and with that, the need for action and advocacy for our earth Mother.

Join us and be lead by Sue Townsend in this week’s service


The Morning Service will be live-streamed so you can participate through zoom if you are unable or unwilling to join us in person.

Zoom link   Meeting ID: 829 2369 7058   Pass code: 109713

SOC – Challenge

Throughout this month, we will be offering ways to not only reflect on our relationship with the natural world, but do something for it in an act of advocacy and care.

The first challenge is to consider your power company and what the dollars you spend on that goes towards supporting.

We are encouraging you to look into a power company called Co-Power who the Uniting Church of Vic/Tas have just become a proud member. Co-Power is a non-profit cooperative with a mission is to take action against the climate crisis, tackle poverty and build community through energy.

Changing your energy company to Co-Power would give you access to:

  • Energy usage at wholesale rates
  • Rates that will never be increased for profit
  • Democratically spent revenue used to make the world a better place
  • Reductions to your emissions to help curb climate change
You can get a free quote by sending your electricity bill to: comparemybill@cooperativepower.org.au

For more details visit: www.cooperativepower.org.au

There are of course other ethical power options and you are encouraged to compare and contrast – particularly with your current energy provider. A good starting point is the Greenpeace Energy Guide which
ranks companies based on their commitment environmental sustainability and “which ones are holding Australia back from achieving a 100% renewable electricity grid.”

Tecoma Twilight Ethical Market

We are back to having an in-person market this year after a couple of years of online markets – and we can’t wait!

The 2019 market was a huge success and we anticipate great support for this one. We are currently looking for folk to jump on board a committee and help us oversee the event. We’d love people who could oversee volunteers, assist with publicity, social media or just help generate ideas and move the event forward. Speak to Matt if you are keen.


A Word or Two

Storms –

Mother Natures storm can be really nasty.
Loud, heaps of rain, thunder, lightning, lots of damage
of all kinds Humans, animals, wilderness, fear, fire, water. Animals, birds, insects seem to know how and when to get away
but sometimes it can be so bad, even they can’t get away.
Even buses can roll over in the middle of a storm.
If it’s bad enough, the storm that is.
We pray for our safety.
And often that works as I praise the Lord for listening.
I sigh with relief then people listen to the Christ
is it timing or what the Christ might bring us?
I smile with a sigh.

Jen © 2022

Introducing Hirer Carolyn Irons

Carolyn offers BOWEN THERAPY sessions at Tecoma Uniting Church.

BOWEN THERAPY can be helpful for stress/anxiety, help with sleep, generalised aches and pains, neck / back problems etc ????

The session covers and works with the body as a whole/1hour session. I do gentle rolling motions over the fascia in very particular points, which help to release toxins and tightness from the body and reboot the body (like rebooting a computer really). ????

I work through light clothing which is really awesome for people who’ve experienced trauma.

It is important clients are well hydrated b4 their session. Most people are chronically dehydrated.
Individuals should drink a litre of good water DAILY for every 25 kgs of their body weight ????

Please ph or sms Carolyn for bookings 0413 455 870


Recycling Station

Check out our recycling station and see what you can contribute to improving our environment. But, we have been informed by Jenny Stevens that folks are still leaving unwanted types of lids in the lid recycling box.
Only Lids with the number 2 and 4 number can be accepted.  The lids also need to washed.
Jenny has been given the additional task to separate the lids into different colours so lets make sure we assist her to get these 1st steps covered to make it easier for her.

1. Number 2 or 4 lids only
2. Lids must be washed and clean

We are currently collecting:

  • Used batteries
  • Pens and textas
  • Any mobile phone (including their batteries, charges, cases & headphones)
  • Toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrushes, electric toothbrush heads & floss containers
  • Milk bottle and container bottle caps
  • Wine bottle corks
  • Plastic bread ties

In recycling through us, not only are you rescuing things from landfill, most of the materials are sorted and reused, up-cycled into new products or recycled. Companies like Terracycle sew juice pouches together into backpacks, chip bags into suit jackets, and even granola wrappers into pencil cases. Other waste collected is us turned into plastic pellets that can be moulded into benches, picnic tables, and even playgrounds. Envision turn the bottle cap lids into prosthetic limbs.


Financial Contributions

If you would like to support the work of the church and it’s service to the surrounding community, you 
can do this through our Bendigo Bank account.
BSB: 633 000 & Account: 131789216    To contact us:  (03) 9754 2177 or email office@tecomauc.org.au


Keep up to date with what is happening in and around the Tecoma Uniting Church and get our latest newsletter, The Tecoma Times here.

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