Minister Matt

Matt Cutler is the minister of the Word, having commenced in 2018. As a local Belgrave resident, he is an advocate for the local Tecoma Community and the wider Hills Community. He is passionate about creating safe space for soulful conversations around life, love and faith.

Matt has a Podcast called “Beyondering: Faith out of Bounds”. Which goes venturing beyond belief to find open-hearted, liberating ways of being in today’s world. Through interviews with a range of guests, Matt and his Uniting Church colleague Lucas Taylor, ask the traditionally taboo questions, unearth new ways of seeing and embodying the Christian story and in doing so, hope to find faith out of bounds.

Matt is employed for 3 days a week and is accessible during the week on Tuesdays and Fridays.
He can be contacted by email  ( or by phone (0404 056 678)

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